Joyce Delaney Gig Preview

After a few months of hibernation, we at Cornerstoned have finally acclimatised and are ready to plunge ourselves into the ether that is 2018. Our inaugural gig this year is shaping up to be a cracker, with supreme talent from bands old and new! Our first headlining act for this season is the devilishly fun Joyce Delaney, with support from the freshly baptized Freakwave and the circuit veterans The Motion Poets.


As is tradition, I’m going to take the opportunity here to delve into each of our acts respective back catalogues, and pick out a few gems from each to talk over. Starting from the bottom, we have The Motion Poets, a band who marked my initial introduction to Cornerstoned Productions in July of last year, who headlined a show with support from Posable Action Figures, Flakes, and IDKID. I was instantly taken by their no-nonsense approach to rock’n’roll, delivering turbulent tales typical excess track after track, tongue-in-cheek verses that fire into thunderous choruses, tracks such as “Girl Like This” are reminiscent of “Thickfreakness” era Black Keys. But then again, tracks such as their flagship single from last year, “One too Many”, display a brighter, more post-punky style, which indeed shows the range that this group has. On stage, they ooze the confidence of a band with identity and direction, and to be able to kick the evening off with this sort of attitude is truly exciting.


Second on the bill, we have Freakwave! Previously performing under the moniker “Five Cousins”, the band built up a considerable following in the city, this much was made clear when their maiden display as Freakwave at Celtic Connections sold out in January. We had pleasure of having the band headline our last show in Glasgow in December, and this was my first point of contact with the groups music. I was whisked away by some intoxicating vocal performances, which, backed by some woozy instrumentals, manifested a truly mesmerizing sound. When a band goes through a change such as Freakwave, it’s rarely a simple name change, it’s a change of identity, something which runs much deeper. The decision to rebrand themselves despite having such a strong following could come across as a risky move, but what the change really shows is that this is a band with an agenda, they’ve got something to prove.


And finally we have our headliner, Joyce Delaney. This band is a true enigma, I guarantee you won’t have heard anything quite like this before. The self-styled “bubblegum punk” band are a group of tomorrow, with lyrical content that addresses everything from intersectionality to the toxicity of relationships. Though they claim to integrate an aspect of Fall Out Boy, what they are really doing is subverting the masculine-centric narratives that dominated the genre in the mid 2000’s. They wave goodbye to self-righteous ballads written by jaded pop-punk lead-singers about how their girlfriends don’t understand them, instead delivering songs that display a forlorn sense of emotional maturity; delivered in such a childlike and care-free cadences that it’s downright confusing, but that’s why it’s so good! Their tales of treachery are backed by some delightfully dissonant guitar parts, and this is best translated on the track “What’s up Wanda?”, a personal favourite of mine.


So come on down to Broadcast this Wednesday, and help us preemptively celebrate a huge year for Cornerstoned!


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