It’s hotter than July over at Cornerstoned Productions this month. We’re delighted to announce that we’re teaming up with stateside psychobilly band, Hymn For Her, as they take on the Scottish leg of their European tour.

We’ve shows in both Glasgow and Edinburgh, each one with stylistically distinct supports, both of which are consistent with the wild and wonderful range of influences that make up Hymn for Her. The Glasgow showcase will display the cities’ subtle; soulful dimensions, with support from the supremely talented singer-songwriters: Cara Rose and Riley. If you’ve a taste for a bit of southern spice, then be sure to make it either of these shows, as Hymn For Her are a true oddity and are not to missed.


The draw of a band like Hymn For Her comes not only from the music itself, which is incredible, but from the character, or rather, the characters: Lucy and Wayne. The couple’s first album as Hymn For Her, “YEAR of the GOLDEN PIG”, was released ten years ago, and listening back to it now I hear a band in it’s honeymoon stage. It’s a release that is packed to the brim with unfettered emotion and twee romance, it sounds like your first kiss. Every release since has shown the duo becoming more and more confident, accomplished, and unhinged. Their sound has developed over time just as the relationship of a young couple develops, going from shy to comfortable, and that level of comfort has allowed the group to release ambitious record after ambitious record, all of which have in some way reshaped the genre, and reshaped the bands sound.

Tickets for Sneaky Pete’s on July 26th

OceanCode are a four piece country-pop crossover band who have been stirring up a lot of attention as of late, and we’re delighted to be able to give these guys a stage!

Their debut single “Across the Room” is a sweet ode to potential sweetheart, with a blue-eyed vocal performance backed by some solid country instrumentation. The band’s character and energy really shine through on the track, rendering it helplessly catchy, and anyone who’s seen the band live knows that this energy translates fantastically onto the stage. OceanCode are any bookers dream, bring it all to the table, and we can’t wait to be able to work with them!

Main support comes from Awkward Family Portrait, a band who make music from a bygone age.

The most recent single, Shoulder Biting Joe, displays the bands musical ambition. It combines the surrealist songwriting of Nick Cave and the Cat Empire with some spectacular arrangement, worthy of being found on a Morricone soundtrack for a spaghetti western. Their self-titled EP, which came out halfway through 2017, is decidedly less cinematic, but equally as polished. The album seems to draw mostly from american folk music, but also incorporates an aspects of other genres such as gypsy jazz and americana, redolent of the progenitors of these styles such as The Band and even Django Reinhardt in some places. Awkward Family Portrait are yet to release anything in 2018, but if you come down to the show, you may get a couple of sneak peaks!

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