Lowtides + Faiides + Why No?


Broadcast is a pretty sweet spot. Having just got back from a month long excursion out of my beloved Glasgow, it’s nice to know that nothing ever changes. No matter how long you go away for, or where you got for that matter; the novelty feeling of a good solid weekday drunkenness at Broadcast will never fade. The excitement at hearing how cheap their White Russians are on a Tuesday never gets old, believe me. It’s the kind of feeling where you’re so excited that you get horribly ahead of yourself and buy all the flavours of “Russian” they have and then wake up the next morning with a hangover and then realise that you’re supposed to be writing a review on the bands that were playing the night before. But that brings me onto…


Bands. Broadcast is also really good for it’s music, and no matter how long you go away for, or where you go for that matter; there will always be something worth seeing downstairs at Broadcast. On this particular occasion, my first gig back in Glasgow, I was treated to a few wee gems to remember (despite the hangover). The first band, Why No?, are a band that must be a dream to play after. By the time the next act come on, the crowd will already be well into the swing of things. These guys have the kind of natural energy to their set that most bands go out of their way to force. If anyone tells you that the Scottish are a typically pessimistic people, show them Why No?(.) Here you’ve got 4 Scottish lads, summer well and truly buried, frantically singing about how badly they want to go surfing; if that’s not optimism then I don’t know what is. But all jokes aside, they play with a tangible chemistry, the music is upbeat and well executed. They remind me of The Beach Boys on Adderall, both topically and sonically, and I fucking love it. 10/10 would see again.


Step up, Faiides. This band managed to maintain the level of energy left in the wake of Why No?, breezing through some up tempo, breezy pop tunes. Their sunny blend of bright basslines and rhythmic New Order-esque grooves kept myself and the audience moving, and kept me powering through a few more of the various “Russians” I had been sampling throughout the evening. After all, it’s a Tuesday night. What really struck me about this band is their ability to really perform to an audience, each member’s stage presence was tangible. Shoutout to the lead guitarist for Faiides, who time and time again stunned me with his ability to navigate some truly catchy riffs. Having not heard these before I saw them, I have since traipsed through their Bandcamp, and would definitely recommend giving these guys a listen!


Finally came Lowtide. Except these guys felt more like high tide, bare with me. They weaved their way through some beautifully eerie shoegaze, and I, definitely feeling the effects, felt like I was aimlessly drifting through a nighttime ocean; that’s what the shoegaze can do to you. Incidentally, this is also what drinking too much kahlua can do to you; but this was definitely the shoegaze. The two guitarists played fantastically together, reminiscent of Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo in their Sonic Youth days. Borth completely in their own zone, but effortlessly complementing each other. So too the bassist/lead vocalist, whose voice added a beautiful, dreamy texture to the more sinister accompaniment coming from the band,  but working in harmony.


Overall, great gig. Great night. Glad I remember this much to be perfectly honest; but stick around for next time, where I once again try to remember what I can from gigs I have been to!

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