Northern Nightlights & In Stations

This week, Cornerstoned Productions heads back down to Bloc+ for another free show to remember. We’ve got Northern Nightlights; a gritty Glaswegian pop-punk with a whole lot of heart, as well as In Stations; who bring a more subdued and moody indie vibe along with them, but still pack the same driving energy.


Northern Nightlights, who are in the process of writing their new EP, released a string on singles throughout 2016, all of which have found their way onto their Bandcamp page, which was how I initially became aware of these guys. Their last EP, “We’re not Alone”, featured a lot of fun pop-punk throws backs, with a certain Glaswegian attitude that manages to keep genre well afloat over on Clyde.  Songs like “Where’s the Slam Tent Mate” have an “A Day to Remember Influence”, while their biggest banger of all: “Such a Shame”, displays all the classic hallmarks of the genre in it’s infancy, a certain early All Time Low album springs to mind.  Overall, excited to hear what these guys bring to the stage, it’s one thing to own it on a track, it’s another thing altogether to own a show.

And then we have In Stations. These guys refused to be defined by one particular genre, or at least that’s what their debut EP “Phoenix” suggests. The opening track “Not Anymore”,  leads you in with a sullen acoustic guitar intro, like something from any given 90’s emo band, before launching into the funky number that is “Summer”, which mixes a charming guitar lead over the verse and some powerful energy on the chorus; this song is definitely the stand out on the EP. Not to say that the other songs aren’t worth a shot. “Well Cut Shapes” rounds the EP off with a muddy Smashing Pumpkins vibe, which, teamed up with the same impassioned vocals that fly over “Summer”, sends you away from the EP wanting more music from In Stations; but though don’t have that just yet, the next best thing to do is come down to Bloc+ to see them!

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