Has it really been a whole year? 

Strange. It feels as if it was but a few months ago that Daniel asked me to start doing these write ups, and here I am, penning the programme for our one year anniversary takeover. And what a year it’s been! It’s been an absolute pleasure to be able to showcase and work with some of the most exciting and talented artists this city has to offer. Speaking of talent, the lineup we’ve put together for this show is really special, with a healthy mix of faces old and new, some names you might have heard of, others, perhaps not. All of them, however, you will certainly get to know in due course.


We’ve managed to wrangle a takeover Broadcast for an entire evening, with the first acts starting at 7:30, and the last finishing at 3:00 am. Upstairs, you’ll find thought-provoking artists such as Kapil Seshasayee, an artist on the verge of dropping his debut full-length LP, A Sacred Bore, later is year. You can find my extensive interview with Kapil on our website. Caitlin Buchanan is back with us as well, bringing her ever-haunting, ethereal voice along with her. As one of our most prolific performers at Cornerstoned, it’s fitting that she’ll be there with us to help celebrate our anniversary. We also have Jess Allardice, a smoky voiced singer-songwriter who’ll be bringing some jazz-tinged tunes to the fore. If you’re a fan of Paolo Nutini and Amy Winehouse, be sure to make it down for Jess’ set.

Check out our interview with Kapil Seshasayee to get a more indepth insight to his career thus far

Downstairs, you’ll find some more explosive, more energetic performances:

From the likes of Veto, back with us for the second time. Veto have just put out their first project in three years, “Where Does it Go?”, is collection of song meticulously crafted during that three year silence. Walking the line between pop-punk and mid-western emo, Veto’s new project delivers track after track of catchy vocal melodies, and even catchier riffs. We also have the ever-dreamy, Snack Villain. Snack Villain deal in a distinctively more washed out, reverb-drenched sound that incorporates influences that range from bossa nova to LA garage rock. Snack Villain are our first up downstairs to make sure to get down early! Following that we have the Kidney Flowers, bringing you the soundtrack to your mental breakdown! Spanish Sails, the second track of their last EP, A82, oozes Nick Cave. It sounds like something that Jim Jones’ might have played to his congregation, before the end.


Check out the preview to our hectic show last year Featuring Flakes, Veto., and Never Meant at Bloc+.

Then, from 11pm, we have an exclusive combo set from local creative collectives Forij and Hyperfunk. Aptly billed as HyperForij, the two groups will be spinning nothing but hits until the night comes to a close. It would be fantastic to see as many faces there as possible, this night means a whole lot to us over at Cornerstoned. It’s been fantastic year, and we can’t wait to find out what the next one holds. Thank you to everyone who has supported us thus far, peace!


Tickets available via See Tickets:
Takeover All Dayer £7 : https://www.seetickets.com/event/cornerstoned-takeover-all-dayer/broadcast-glasgow/1229152
Takeover Hyperforij £5 : https://www.seetickets.com/event/cornerstoned-takeover-hyperforij/broadcast-glasgow/1229155

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