Despite the amount of time that has passed since this particular gig, I think that it’s still pertinent to let you all know what went down. We had some very talented groups on display, probably the most talent that we’ve been able to pack into a concert thus far, so I’ll give you a quick rundown of the evening here.



Opening up Cornerstoneds’ first show of the season was Dolphinboy, a local band who have branded themselves as a “Party Math” band, a name which describes them to a T. They arrived onstage with palpable energy, delivering some intricate instrumentation set to a consistent driven tempo. Though not necessarily just an opening act, they played their part with humility and intent, while setting high standards that marked the precedent for the night to come. They played with confidence, maintaining a healthy level of interaction with the audience, without overstepping the mark. If I were to give criticism I would say that the band flourished more when they stuck to the instrumental side of things though the switch to vocalist split up their set nicely, I don’t feel it was a necessary addition to what was a very solid set up to that point.


Following Dolphinboy were Frantic, a band that I was relatively familiar with beforehand. Another mathy band, but one that indulged more in the Midwest emo side of the genre, taking the tone of the evening down to a moodier and grittier level while maintaining the more energetic feeling that was left in Dolphinboy’s wake. The combination of the melancholy and the funk was something that really made this band stand out for me, and the clear talents of lead vocalist and guitarist Rory Green, who’s healthy vocal range added some nice textures to an already warm and full sound. Not to take away from the rest of the band who all played their parts with confidence and ability.


We Came From the North

With the tone of the evening already shifting naturally from one band to the other, it was time for the headliners, We Came From the North, to come out and hit the ball out of the park. And that they did. Maybe it was because I was a fan of their “Faded Giant” project preceding the gig, but I was really blown away by these guys. They have a monumental sound, and through combining aspects of hardcore and prog-rock, they have hit upon something that I can’t resist. Vast soundscapes carry you, before being smacked about by some muddy and metallic breakdowns, like on the song “Atlas”, which has one of the heaviest breakdowns I’ve heard in 2017. As is custom, I was already pretty inebriated by the time the headline act came on, and the notes that I made on my phone go as far as saying “They’re fucking amazing”, but in all honesty I don’t think I could say it any better. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out all of these bands, as they’ve all got some fantastic stuff out, whether that be via streaming, Bandcamp or Soundcloud, be sure to check them all out.


Staircase Live Session to follow.

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